We are delighted to collaborate with Rose Corcoran, the talented wildlife artist, who has kindly donated her stunning sketches of tigers, leopards and cheetahs to embellish our sustainably sourced, biodegradable, ultra fine, Limited Edition Scarf Collection.   These may be used as stunning Sarongs in the heat. Although they're fabulous as a bathroom robe too! 

£10 for every scarf sold will be donated to wildlife conservation.


  • Size: 135cm x 195cm
  • Content: 80% modal 20% cashmere
    • beautifully soft, man-made, sustainable fibre that is made from natural materials and is completely biodegradable
  • Manufactured in Lake Como, Italy
  • CARE & MAINTENANCE:  dry clean only


The Cheetah scarf was inspired by Rose's a trip to the Masai mara. Cheetah’s are officially registered as vulnerable on the IUCN list (international union for conservation of nature). Their main threats are habitat loss, hunting by farmers to protect livestock so human animal conflict, trafficked for skins. 

Tigers, these are largely Bengal tigers drawn over the years on trips to India largely Madura Pradesh (central India) and Ranthambhor reserve. Tigers are endangered with around 3000 Bengal tigers left in the wild. Main threats are poaching for skins, bones teeth etc largely for the Chinese market. Also habitat loss.

Leopard, African leopard inspired by trips to Africa, Masai Mara, Laikipia in Kenya and South Africa. Leopards are listed as vulnerable. Main threats are habitat loss and fragmentation and poaching for skins and hunted by farmers.

These wild cats vulnerability in relation to climate change is another important reason why  the world needs to reach Net Zero by 2050.