About Cashmere Collection

As the founder and creative director of  E M M A J A N E   K N I G H T,  women's finest cashmere designs, my aim is to produce a versatile, sustainably sourced, range of top quality cashmere ready-to-wear knits, accessories and hand-tailored, woven outerwear to provide women with multiple different wardrobe combinations for day and evening.

Fall in love with the fine detailing.  Exquisitely soft to touch, the outfits look sensational to wear and are available in a selection of classic and seasonal colours.





Discover innovative yet timeless designs, such as:-

BELLA, a flute-sleeve boat neck made using exquisite, top-quality Italian Carriaggi cashmere yarn

RELAX is our best seller!  A chunky rib polar-neck with an attractive back pleat and scoop-back detail that elegantly covers the behind.  It is much loved by clients who wear them over leggings on the way to the gym

CHILL is a derivative of the Relax style but with a crew neck instead of the polo neck.

NERU is a cross-stitch, neru collar, zip cardigan and comes in wonderfully rich seasonal colours such as bordeaux, teal, pistachio, navy and petrol

CABLE V Neck has a contrasting, fun side and inside arm colour.  The style is beautifully comfortable and warm.  An effortless casual look worn with the matching bordeaux, black and navy sweatpants.

BOLEROS embellished with fun Swarovski crystal motifs, shrugs and much more ...all made using eye-catching weaves and variations of plys to suit each design.


Pants & Skirts

BELL is a neatly fitting at the waist and fluted in to a bell shape at the knee 100% cashmere lined skirt.  For a smart or smart/casual look, wear them with our matching  bordeaux and navy Neru jackets and Cable V necks.

Alternatively, the skirts look equally good with our other designs such as our Relax, Chill and Bella tops.  

The skirts come in navy, bordeaux and charcoal;

SWEATPANTS this year come in the chicest bordeaux, navy and black and when worn with with the Relax, Neru and Cable V designs in matching colours, the outfit looks contemporary-casual-chic.

LEGGINGS are comfortably elasticated and may be bought in black cashmere only.  They bounce back in to shape after every cool water wash.


Outerwear: Capes, Cloaks and Sleeveless Coats

Hand Tailored in London and made using 100% pure woven cashmere fabric, detailed with mink trims from Copenhagen, 2020 offers smart coating investment pieces in timeless designs.



Hand-made, Italian leather belts in black, dark brown and tan and sustainably certified, large, warm Yak scarves stylishly accessorise the collection. 


Cashmere Yarn

We source our yarn from two cashmere suppliers who are sustainably certified, recognised throughout the world and an international point of reference in fine yarn production.

The first is from Italy's Cariaggi Lanificio (est. 1958), Systema Natvrae®, where cutting-edge technology is combined with generations of Italian craftsmanship and knowledge.

The second is from Erdos, the world's largest top quality cashmere supplier and ranks 1st in China's textile and garment industry for the 21st consecutive year.  Erdos spearheaded the ERDOS WAY, an initiative launched in 2019 aimed at bringing positive changes to the cashmere industry by setting a new standard for cashmere production.

Both consider care for the environment, social interest, human activity, and development with respect for future generations, not just as a business opportunity to stand out at world level, but above all as a duty of conscience.

The companies maintain a commitment program and measure to reduce their impact on the environment, a reduction of energy consumption per unit of product produced, a reduction of water and a reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2).



Our manufacturers are in Italy, Portugal and Inner Mongolia/China.   The latter holds the sustainably ethical manufacturing OEKTEX and ISO certificates.