About Cashmere Collection

Dear E M M A J A N E   K N I G H T customers,

It is a great pleasure to bring to you the 2021 women’s finest cashmere collection.  During this time I found myself looking for inspiration through nature, laughter and love.

As a result I have streamlined the elegant, relaxed, stylish look by offering multi-functional, innovative designs in classic and rich seasonal colours.  All the cashmere and unique trims are carefully sourced from top quality, sustainably certified, Italian and Mongolian suppliers. 

An exciting addition to the collection is the stunning, sustainably sourced, SCARF-SARONG Collection made in Lake Como.  I recently collaborated with Rose Corcoran, the talented wildlife artist, to digitally print her exquisite drawings of tigers, leopards and cheetahs on to 20% cashmere & biodegradable 80% modal fabric.  The lustrous finish and lightweight drape of these 6 designs may be worn as beautiful scarves and eye-catching sarongs.  A donation of £10 for each scarf-sarong sale is being given to The Whitley Fund for Nature to support wildlife conservation.

I am delighted to note how more and more customers are confidently buying online.  

Keep safe and well.  I hope you enjoy wearing the new collection as much as I do.

Best wishes,





Discover innovative yet timeless designs, such as:-

BELLA; an elegant, clean-lined, flute-sleeve boat neck made using exquisite, top-quality Italian Cariaggi cashmere yarn

RELAX; a rib polo-neck with an attractive plain knit back pleat and scoop-back detail that covers the butt; much loved by clients choosing to wear this style over leggings to and from the gym!

CHILL; a derivative of the Relax style for those of you who love a crew neck over a polo-neck.

NERU; a striking, cross-stitch, zip cardigan with Neru collar.  It comes in wonderful, rich, colours such as bordeaux, teal, pistachio, navy and petrol.

CABLE V; a V neck with a flattering side and inside arm colour detail.  This style is beautifully comfortable, practical and warm.  Contemporary, each colour matches with one of our navy, bordeaux or black sweatpants.

BOLERO; an over the shoulder cashmere layer embellished with fun Swarovski crystal motifs.



Pants & Skirts

BELL; neatly fitting at the waist, this fluted bell shape skirt is lined and made using 100% cashmere.  So versatile, it goes with just about all our cashmere tops.  

SWEATPANTS; in bordeaux, navy and black they are SO comfortable and finished with a neat ankle fit.  Again, a versatile style that goes with most of our casual-chic cashmere tops.

LEGGINGS; a comfortable, elasticated black cashmere essential.  These nifty numbers bounce back in to shape after every cool water wash!



Outerwear: Capes, Cloaks and Sleeveless Coats

Hand Tailored in London and made using 100% pure woven cashmere fabric, detailed with mink trims from Copenhagen, 2020 offers smart coating investment pieces in timeless designs.





Italian leather, hand-made belts in black, dark brown and tan provide a smart finished look, especially for our wonderful Charcoal Cloak.

For both men and women we offer sustainably certified, large Yak scarf accessories in four stunning classic colours; taupe, grey, bordeaux and black.


SCARF/SARONG partnership with The Whitley Fund for Nature

  • Content: 20% cashmere & 80% modal (beautifully soft, man-made, sustainable fibre that is made from natural materials and is completely biodegradable)
  • Size: 135cm x 195cm
  • Manufactured in Lake Como, Italy.


Cashmere Yarn 

Our yarn is sourced from two cashmere suppliers based in Italy and Inner Mongolia who are sustainably certified, recognised throughout the world and an international point of reference in fine yarn production.

Our Italian yarn supplier is Systema Natvrae® certified.

Systema Natvrae® as a company value, considers care for the environment, social interest, human activity, and development with respect for future generations, not just as a business opportunity to stand out at world level, but above all as a duty of conscience. This is the innovative approach, Made In Italy excellence, recognised throughout the world and international point of reference in fine yarn production.
Our Italian manufacturer's approach to this theme is a sincere one: sustainability is in fact an essential asset when it comes to company placement. During 2006, they achieved a series of international standard requirements concerning the company’s eco management, reaching the certification. This certification is in line with the spirit of safeguarding and care for the environment which is such an outstanding element of their philosophy. The company maintains commitment programs and measures to reduce its impact on the environment, a reduction of about 40% of energy consumption per unit of product produced, a reduction of approximately 10% of water and a reduction of approximately 23% for the carbon dioxide (CO2).

Our Inner Mongolian yarn supplier holds the ethical confidence in textiles OEKTEX and ISO certificates.  It is the world's largest top quality cashmere supplier and ranks first in China's textile and garment industry for the 21st consecutive year.  It has spearheaded an initiative launched in 2019 aimed at bringing positive changes to the cashmere industry by setting a new standard for cashmere production.


Our manufacturers are in Portugal, Inner Mongolia/China and UK.  All the production units undergo strict quality control contributing to the full satisfaction of the most demanding expectations of our customers.  With this objective in mind, our manufacturers invest in the continuous training of employees, supported by the most modern electronically computerised weaving machines to ensure manufacturing excellence.