Wardrobe Styling

"Holiday packing has never been so easy!  Thank you"

x International Interior Designer

For those with busy family, work and social lives, who travel a lot and wish to do so with elegant ease.

I manage your current wardrobe and add to it in the sizes you need.   Advise, eliminate, update, pre-organise and plan an easy, go-to wardrobe, that reflects the best of who you are.  

Services include -

  • fully assessed wardrobe, photographed in outfits recorded in dropbox
  • new clothes chosen and delivered on request
  • alterations of garments taken care of

FEE:  £350 per half-day 4 hours consultation

FEE:  £500 per full-day 8 hours consultation 




My work starts by visiting you and your wardrobe at home.  

The Agenda -

  • In-depth analysis of your styling needs.  
  • Colour Analysis to show you the colours that work best next to your skin.  
  • Assess the clothes that work for you and those that don't.
  • Create up-dated outfits from what you already own.
  • Arrange for alterations and repairs so your garments fit wonderfully. Re-use and re-cycle clothes that aren't suitable anymore.
  • List key statement pieces to update your current wardrobe.

The Benefits -

  • Save you time buying clothes that do not suit you or simply do not need.
  • Learn specific styles and colours that suit your body shape and skin tone best.
  • De-stress your life by clearing out wardrobe clutter.
  • You will shop wisely in future. 
  • Style affords opportunities. It opens doors.  Looking good gives you a striking air of confidence. 

Booking my style expertise is the perfect gift to those you love or those that love you!



A woman should choose her accessories as she chooses her friends.

They tell the world who you are.