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Superbly soft and incredibly hard-wearing, our reversible Scottish 100% sustainable, B Corp, cashmere, signature Stoles are ideal to take with you when travelling.   

They also make for a wonderful throw as you relax in Shavasana after a Yoga or Pilates class. 

The dense weave provides excellent thermal benefits and makes a classic essential for any wardrobe.  It is finished using hand-harvested Italian teasels, which are gently brushed across the surface to create the iconic ripple effect.

An investment to love forever!

73cm x 183cm



Our Scottish manufacturer follows the “Roadmap to Zero” programme to monitor and minimise their chemical footprint and help produce safer products, cleaner water and fresher air.


They work closely with a number of test houses to ensure that their products are free from anything that could harm the environment.  Their environmental concerns are wide-ranging, from the sheep, goats and rabbits that produce our fibres, to what happens to their waste materials.

As members of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance, nurturing close relationships with key suppliers is something that they take very seriously. The manufacture of products using natural fibres means animal welfare is a major concern, and the monitoring of good practice is paramount. 

A sustainability team make regular visits to the farms in Mongolia and China to allow us to feel confident about high standards of animal husbandry, and certifies that any cashmere, angora or wool materials have been sourced ethically, without coming into contact with any harmful chemicals. 

Most recent projects have included the introduction of a chemical management system; getting the energy management system certified and up-cycling waste and excess materials for others to use and create beautiful products.


Select manufacturers take time to make sure the end product is the very best it can be.

All materials are ethically sourced, and strenuous efforts are made to ensure that the animals are well treated, harmful chemicals are not used and people are treated fairly at every step in the supply chain. 



We ensure our select manufacturers invest heavily in their people, not only to develop their skills, but to make sure the factory is a great place to work. There are many opportunities for employees to get involved in developing the business and in our support for charities, locally and further afield. 

Our manufacturers regularly support the learning and development of textile students and school pupils so that they have a better understanding of the textile industry.

They are a member of Sedex, a not-for-profit membership organisation dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains. We make sure our suppliers’ employees are treated fairly, providing their employees with ongoing training, safe working conditions, and a living wage, as described in our statement on Modern Slavery.


Tested. Measured. Approved

Quality Assurance Management ISO 9001

Environmental Management ISO 14001

Moorbrook ISO 50001

Quality Policy

J0105 Energy Management Policy

Environmental Policy

Modern Slavery Statement


To maintain the finish of your scarf we would recommend gentle brushing in the direction of the fibre with a clothes brush to ensure minimal fibre disturbance. Only brush in the direction of the fibre. As all our products are made with natural fibres, over time, pilling may occur. The best treatment for this is to use a pilling comb to gently remove any fibre pills.

All our products are recommended as dry clean only due to the delicate nature of the fibres. If necessary, spot clean with a clean, damp cloth and blot any excess moisture, but do not rub as this will cause fibre distortion.

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