Launch of Bespoke Scarf for Born Free Foundation

Today we launch our new Bespoke Cashmere Scarf service, alongside our Limited Edition 'Lion' & 'Snow Leopard' Scarves - both of which directly support the amazing Born Free Foundation in its fiftieth anniversary year.

The Bespoke Scarf provides a stunning gift for yourself or the ones you love - featuring a cherished photograph of your choice as the design. This can be presented as a 'Single Image' on the long scarf, as a repeating and fun mosaic design, or a visually striking 'Warhol'-style design.

10% of all sales go directly to the Born Free Foundation.

In addition to our exciting Bespoke Scarf service, we are today launching our 'Lion' and 'Snow Leopard' Scarves. These are a delight to wear, and 15% of all sales go to our good friends at the Born Free Foundation.

Please wear your scarf with pride as a symbol of your priceless support.

I hope you enjoy wearing the scarves as much as we do!

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