The Amalfi Coast and key pieces to buy...

I discovered some best buys on the Amalfi Coast which I am delighted to share with you:


Hand-made summer sandals, as purchased by Jackie Onassis and Julia Roberts from Ana Capri

Choose the colour of leather you wish to have them hand finished in...

The essential beach basket, Ana Capri


A wicked Valentino Jacket at the store near Grand Hotel Quisisana, Capri

More summer sandals, Sorrento

Palazzo Alvino's enticing boutique... Ravello

Wise words on style! Ravello

Great boat bags, Sorrento


Deciding on colour ... 

So clean and chic


Wash bag - just love coral colours

Blue bread basket

Wash bag in classic Positano tile colours

My favourite Lemon store on the Amalfi Coast



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