I find it difficult not to put my black Relax on every day! It's so cosy, comfortable and stylish. It's a shame I realised too late that a navy one would work just as well for me.   I look forward to seeing your new collection. 
Nicola L
Thank you so much for creating such beautiful cashmere designs that give me so much joy to wear.
Eliza S
Very nice pics EJ💋💋💋
Annie S
Congrats, great designs! Love
Mummy.  Xx
Nice!   Love to try BAZA in navy!  Please could you keep in my size to try.  
Very beautiful.   And like the particular colour tone of the Red.
Stuart C
So many thanks for my BEAUTIFUL jumper and for my extra special delivery..
Caroline B
Hi EmmaJane, so beautiful!  ; )   Love them!
Nicola K
EJ, that is an absolutely spectacular advertisement for your scarves, beautifully done I don’t think I have ever seen a better advertisement for scarfs.  Well done!
Muffi H
To me your video is very artistic.
It gives life to Rose’s drawings, shows passion, beauty, strength, wonder and adds the element of fragility.
Sarah S
Hi EmmaJane, decided to keep lovely jumper and I might be tempted with another one!
Sarah C
Your website is so F..K..G COOL, EmmaJane
Vicci B
OK, this comment has been happening A LOT OF LATE.... let me give this some thought for 2022...
I was also checking your masterpieces on your website. Very artistic and stylish products. I wish you had collections for men, too
Tomo M
Hi, Thanks for the very personal touch in the delivery! Love everything! BW.
Vicky L


Eliza S


Beautiful!  Beautiful sarongs on beautiful ladies!

V  xx

🎺 🎺

Looks beautiful EJ! Well done 💋💋💋

Annie S    

💥 💥 💥 💥 💥

Darling I am wearing for the first time your grey cardigan and I feel like a million dollars. ty so much, you have a magical touch x

Chiara MT


You certainly have incredible 'understated' good-taste, style, and flair - - it shows in everything you do, in the design of your knitwear, your website, your logo, and in the models and backdrops you use.

And your style permeates consistently - which is seldom the case with others.  Stuart C


Omg the scarf arrived!!! So so beautiful - I just love it. The colours are so flattering - I love the blues.  Thank you xx

Charlotte B


I love that the gorgeous Cashmere Collection and winning Accessories allows for a lot of mixing and matching.

Antonia S


Nice to still be on your list and so great to see that the EJK empire thrives.  Just to say I love your designs, still have and wear my grey jumper from you, love that you are supporting Whitely Fund for Nature.                                

Oliver J


I received the scarf-sarong today.  It’s absolutely beautiful! I love it x  thank you very much xx
Sandra F


Just to say package received and I am delighted with this colour way.  I have the blue and pink versions which I completely love so thank you 

Fee L


I received the very kind package. Thank you so much!  That was very thoughtful, they are perfect! 

Robin S


Lovely to see you - absolutely love the scarf xx

Louise M


I can confirm that Sophie has received the sweater, which she describes as like ‘a hug from home’.  Thank you for your assistance.

Jane G


Thanks again for coordinating.  The jumper is beautiful x 

Sophie G


I love wearing the two jumpers! 

Kate P


Do you have an e-vite to send me as 2 important journalists want to come to your show. They are most intrigued. The one at Vanity Fair was the one in Venice who nearly took my Over-sized cashmere style off my back!! 

Rosalind M G x


I bought one of your Baza jumpers a couple of years ago in teal and have been so pleased with that I would like to buy another.

Andrea S


I look forward to other events. I have been wearing your beautiful cashmere.

Mary, Baroness G


Amor, I want to see the new collection!!!  By the way please put to one side the M of what this model is wearing!  I love the colour!  Love love love.

Ingrid K


I wore the three pieces yesterday, including going to the theatre and they were smashing!

Kate MacK


I'm totally happy with my purchase.

Angela C


Your scarves are stunning and I would be very pleased if you could add me to your data base. I'm going to really enjoy pressing your website. I hope that we meet again.

Krystyna R


I will be in London in a week or so.  Long ago, I bought a grey cashmere sweater with a crystal zipper.  Do you carry these sweaters any longer?

Jayne H


Thanks so much for my gorgeous jumpers, I just love them.

Jane W


I am very pleased with the two Aphrodite I bought from you last year.   Do you have Reret and Chensit in size M?

Maria J


I absolutely love what you do, and the quality is fantastic, which is really not easy with cashmere.  A great friend of ours gifted me Taueret in light and dark grey for my birthday and I cannot tell you how much I have worn it, and it has not moved from its original quality, amazing!  I absolutely love it.   I actually would love the same in black and dark grey, size medium.   Please add me on your mailing list as I would love to hear about upcoming sales or new collections! Thank you :))

Vanessa R


I absolutely loved your cashmere collection, particularly the blue jacket and the cardigan with tie.  I would be so grateful if you would add me to your mailing list so that I can be ready for when your new pieces arrive! 

Victoria MacL


Do you have another Amaunet in racing green? I am trying to find a cardigan/jacket to match a dress that I have bought.

Dr Moira W


Sorry to have missed this event but I still do want those jumpers!  ;-)  

Nenad M


Hi EmmaJane, it’s that time of year to be in the market for something seriously lovely, spoiling, extravagant and original.  Can you help!

Alexander H 


I really like the Zula model and see that it is sold out, will you be getting more for online order?  

Vanessa R, Geneva, Switzerland


My friend loves my TISA cashmere style.  What colours do you have in size L for her?

Sandra K 


I met someone who was wearing one of your cardigans.  It was a lovely green, close to a light minty lime, was knitted similar to a basket weave, and had little square shaped shiny white buttons.  It was beautiful.  Would you have one to fit a 12-14 by any chance?
Jennifer S P


The collection looks lovely.  Thank you so much for keeping me informed

Dame Tessa J, MP


Love my EVA design and your creations - simply divine!! 

Sarah H


The American School is having their auction again this year and I would love to get a sweater and or wrap to put in the auction. Everyone really loved the items from last time.
xo, Celeste H 


Do you have anything suitable for my wife - a jumper or something?  Also, my art advisor Tanja Gertik is interested in buying a piece.  She asked if you could contact her.  Stay in touch.
David G 


I just wanted to say how impressed I am by all that is going on in your business.  Looks amazing. 

Madeleine M xx


Please keep me posted as to future sale event dates.

Kyra D


Our mutual friend Hongming asked me to bring her back one of your cashmere sweaters from London.

Andrew J


Back in UK in April, would love to hook up and defo want some more of cashmere with motifs, any navy….Psychology brilliant.

Jennifer C


A colleague here in Battersea noticed the cashmere I was wearing, and I told her of your designs/ showroom...she would like to know more.

Arun N


Hi Emma, your sweaters look lovely!  Glad to see you’re still going strong :-) Thanks for keeping in touch.

Victoria H


Thank you for the invitation; I will definitely try to be there but have a few interviews to do.  Can I also pass the invitation on to likeminded shoppers? 

Serena F


Hello from St Moritz and thank you so much for keeping in touch.  All the best with this sale.

Love, Lady Jill R


Well done on getting further business from XX.  They could do with some stylish gear like yours!

Elizabeth M


Thank you – it’s so beautiful I wouldn't dream of exchanging for another design - I will keep it! 

Sarah B


Very nice new collection!

Mayumi Y


I loved seeing you--your atelier rocks—love wearing my lovely sweater coat!

Xoxo  Amy K


Congratulations on your cashmere business.....the only sweaters a 'girl' should wear.  

Linda McG


I am in London now, but leaving on Sunday for a month. Would it be possible to make an appointment to see you and the collection tomorrow- Saturday? ....even if new line is still in boxes?! Would love to see it!?

Linda McG


I would love to keep the TISA design.

Steffi S


Will definitely spread the word about your cashmere.

Veronica M X


Knowing your sensational, marvellous taste I am sure the EMMAJANE KNIGHT exquisite travel cashmere packs you mentioned are a MUST.
Mimmi O’C


Yesterday I bought the long cashmere sweater with tie for 350.  I absolutely love the sweater!

Tracy Y 


The only time any one ever comments on my clothes is when I am wearing one of your cashmere sweaters. 

Sarah S


EmmaJane, your collection is so beautiful, absolutely stunning.  Well done, I'm so proud of you.  

Vanessa N


Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the clothes - thank you for helping out - in fact wearing the teal RELAX sweater now (super helpful as we currently have no heating!).

Amanda H


The parcel has just arrived and I’m absolutely thrilled with my beautiful sweater! The cashmere is wonderfully soft, the design is perfect and the teal colour is just my thing.   Thanks you so much, I can’t wait to wear it!
Heather W
I am going to send the scarf-sarong to my friend who I think will love it! If its anything made by you it will be just glorious and soft!  xx
Juliana C
I’ve been looking for scarves in this colour and dimension for some time now and saw your scarf on Trinny Woodall's Instagram.  We are a few days away from summer here so I’m looking forward to wearing it over summer and the winter following as a scarf!
Carla McG (Australia)
I was already looking for a present for my sister in law who is moving to Ruanda just after Christmas. She is a doctor of ecology and has previously worked all over Africa but most recently at a cheetah conservancy in Namibia so I had to get her that scarf-sarong and I just love the leopard. 
Amelia R-C
If you could not make such beautiful things that I don’t actually neeeed and if Trinny W could stop championing them I’d very much appreciate it!😂🙈  You have a stunning collection, really special and unusual.   All the very best to you,
Hannah W
What a wonderful cause and talented artist.. Rose’s work on the tigers are fantastic - so beautiful, and red is my best colour and I love Hermes scarves! Decided! - I’ll get the tiger one! Thanks for taking the time to talk me through :)
Shin S
I have bought many of your wonderful cashmere designs over the years and I just love them and wear them all the time.  I'm keen to buy my daughter and granddaughter in New York a Christmas gift.  Please advise.  
Mrs R B
It went down a proverbial treat! A great find! X
Christopher CD
Good to see you EJK 😛  Elli thinks you're the most elegant woman she's ever met 😊 😌
Victoria G
Emma has a company which sells the most exquisite screen printed cashmere scarves made near Como.
Maria L-S