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I was delighted to partner with talented wildlife artist, Rose Corcoran, and digitally print her exquisite drawings of endangered wild animals on to the softest, modal cashmere, Scarf-Sarongs.  Modal is a man-made, sustainable fibre sourced from natural materials.  The lustrous finish and light weight drape of each piece creates a wonderful scarf and a stunning sarong.


  • COBALT BLUE: I was inspired by the richness of the early evening sky to create a brilliant blue scarf, so versatile and soft, it could go with anything, night or day, summer or winter, and be a joy to wear. It looks incredible with the leopard centred down your back worn as a sarong too!

  • BURNT ORANGE:  These flattering colours mirror the drama and beauty of an African sunset. The design looks striking with black, white, browns, tans and charcoals.


  • TURQUOISE:  A divine POP colour in the winter and head turner worn in the heat.  Brings energy to classic colours.

  • WARM TAUPE: Taupe is luxurious and calmingly neutral although it can appear draining on the complexion. I created this taupe scarf-sarong to enhance your skin by a soft, warm, neutral glow.


  • GREY/PINK:  Inspired by my favourite Hermes scarf, I love wearing this irresistible combination with a charcoal peacoat, light and dark grey jumpers, white, pink and red sweaters. Beautifully elegant as a sarong.

  • YELLOW/TEAL:  This stunning, upbeat, colour combination looks sensational all year round. Wear it with greys, creams, teals, rusts, white and browns.

£10 for each sale is donated to The Whitley Fund for Nature to raise awareness and support for wildlife conservation. HRH The Princess Royal is Patron and Sir David Attenborough is a Trustee.


  • Size: 135cm x 195cm
  • Content: 80% modal 20% cashmere
  • Manufactured in Como, Italy
  • CARE & MAINTENANCE:  dry clean only
'African Leopard' scarf-sarong was inspired by Rose's trips to Africa, Maasai Mara, Laikipia in Kenya and South Africa. Leopards are listed as vulnerable.
The 'Cheetah Back' scarf-sarong was inspired by Rose's trip to the Maasai mara. Cheetah’s are officially registered as vulnerable on the IUCN list (International Union for Conservation of Nature).  
The 'Tigers' scarf-sarong are largely Bengal tigers drawn over the years on Rose's trips to India, largely Madhya Pradesh (central India) and Ranthambhor reserve. Tigers are endangered with around 3,000 Bengal tigers left in the wild.  
Main threats to magnificent leopards, cheetahs and tigers are habitat loss and fragmentation, hunting by farmers to protect livestock, poaching and trafficking for illegal wildlife trade, declining prey base and human conflict.

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